Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research Division

The SQC & OR Division is operational since 1953 and currently has the following seven Units

  1. SQC & OR Unit, Kolkata
  2. SQC & OR Unit, Bangalore
  3. SQC & OR Unit, Chennai
  4. SQC & OR Unit, Delhi
  5. SQC & OR Unit, Hyderabad
  6. SQC & OR Unit, Mumbai
  7. SQC & OR Unit, Pune

The Division runs the following academic programs:

  1. Two-year full time M.Tech. in Quality, Reliability and Operations Research since 1989.
  2. Ph.D. in Quality, Reliability and Operations Research since 2009.
  3. Two-year full time MS (Quality Management Science) since 2014.
  4. Part-time certificate program in Statistical Quality Control in Bangalore and Hyderabad for the last several decades.

In addition to the above academic programs, the faculties of the Division are engaged in several other academic programs like B.Stat., M.Stat., MS (QE), MS (LIS), ISEC etc.

The SQC & OR Division is currently inviting applications from interested candidates with PhD degree in Quality, Reliability & Operations Research / Engineering / Statistics / Applied Mathematics / Allied Relevant Fields for the post of Assistant Professor and higher levels with excellent requisite acquaintance in the area of Statistical Quality Control / Quality Management / Reliability / Operations Research.

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The faculties of the Division are quite well known to the Industries for the quality of training (both in-plant and general) and consultancy services (essentially problem solving) provided. The types of Industries that the Divisional faculties are associated with in the manufacturing arena range from chemical; electrical and electronics; food and drug; gems, jewellery and allied; metallurgical; textile; engineering and others. As far as the service sector is concerned, the range varies from education; finance; healthcare, IT, ITES, project management, utilities etc. Apart from the Private and Joint Sectors, consultancy (problem solving) has also been provided to the public sectors and governmental organizations like Defence, ISRO, NIA, BHEL, BEL, FCI, NRHM and various state governments.

The Division has organized many national and international conferences, seminars, workshops and summer/winter courses on advanced topics of quality, reliability and operations research.

The SQC & OR Division has been contributing in teaching, research, consultancy and training activities in line with the objectives of ISI as enshrined in its MOA. The objectives are mentioned for ready reference. As per MOA the objectives of the Institute shall be:

  1. To promote the study and dissemination of knowledge of statistics, to develop statistical theory and methods, and their use in research and practical applications generally, with special reference to problems of planning of national development and social welfare.
  2. To undertake research in various fields of natural and social sciences, with a view to the mutual development of statistics and these sciences.
  3. To provide for, and undertake, the collection of information, investigations, projects and operational research for purposes of planning and the improvement of efficiency of management and productions.
  4. To undertake any other ancillary activities in fulfilment of the objectives 1, 2 and 3 above.


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SQC & OR Division


203, B.T. Road, Kolkata-700108


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